Microblading vs Micropigmentation

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So you'd like your brows feathered! You love the idea of not having to pencil them in anymore! You also want a natural looking feather brow, like REAL HAIRSTROKES - not a solid, filled in brow. Please read on...

You’ve heard the hype - the words "Microblading" or 'Brow Feathering" and it sounds like a great semi-permanent solution for your eyebrows. Well, it is! However you need to make sure you choose the right "Brow Feathering' procedure for our skin type. There are two types of brow feathering techniques available - "Microblading" and "Nano Strokes".

Here are the main differences:
MICROBLADING is performed with a hand tool made up of tiny blades that the technician uses to implant the hair stroke lines into the skin while implanting pigment at the same time. This is what creates the natural hair stroke look. Unfortunately it is not suitable for all skin types. If you don't have the correct skin type which most do not (normal skin), then this technique can heal with less than ideal results. If your skin is oily or combination with enlarged pores the microbladed hair strokes will often blur and heal a cooler colour.

Microblading also causes some trauma to the skin as the blade creates small cuts and slices to the skin. If you are lucky enough to have the correct skin type and receive perfectly healed results the first couple of times, then great!! However you may want to think about what the the long term blading is doing to the integrity of your skin

NANO STROKES is a very different procedure that is performed with a PMU Machine. This machine is similar to a traditional tattoo machine but designed for permanent make up and therefore is more gentle on the skin with less vibration. The cartridge gently taps the pigment into the skin repeatedly with a very fine nano needle. This causes minimal trauma to the skin yet implanting much more pigment and offering longer lasting results.

Machine tattooing is less intrusive to the skin than the act of slicing with a microblade. Nano Strokes is my preferred brow feathering option for most skin types as the end result is highly satisfactory across the board.

Nano Brows can last up to 2 years as opposed to Microblading which can fade and visually disappear at 6 months. Not only do Nano Brows last longer but they look cleaner, crisper and and wear much better.

So in a nutshell:
• Nano Strokes give you a beautiful natural looking feathered effect just like Microblading.
• Nano Strokes creates crisper, longer lasting hairstroke results
• Nano Strokes cause less trauma to the skin
• Nano Strokes are suitable to everyone (unless you have medium to dark pre-exising pmu tattoo which may require lightening prior).

I hope this information has shed some light on the differences between the two brow feathering techniques available. I am constantly researching and taking advanced training to always bring you the latest techniques and the best. I hold my clients skin integrity and long term results always at the forefront of my work.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact Connie on 0409193599.


Same day injectables and tattoo?

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Can you have injectables and a tattoo on the same day?

You would like to have your brows tattooed and also want botox. Or, you would like your lips tattooed and also want them filled. Let's do it all at once - can we?

The simple answer is a hard - NO!

Here are the reasons why:
SHAPE Both procedures (tattooing and injectables) will create varying degrees of swelling and this most likely affect the final result. The technician of either procedure will risk making an incorrect assessment of shape.This is basically counteractive to the reasons why this is required in the first place.

SYMMETRY The tattooist is required to make assessments of shape and symmetry so it is preferable to have the tattoo first, and then the injectables. Botox can be used to relax an overactive muscle and create a more symmetrical look which is sometimes unattainable with tattooing alone. The degree of fillers required can be more easily be determined after a tattoo. In essence, we are required to give each procedure enough time to heal and settle correctly. We must let the tattoo, fillers and botox do their thing. There are important healing timeframes to consider and it is very important to follow them for best results.

So here are the timeframes to remember:
• A minimum of four weeks either side of each injectable appointment if it is your first session in the area you are planning to have tattooed. Meaning, if it's your first session with an updated shape, you will need to give the botox or fillers at least 4 weeks to settle into the space before a tattoo.
• A minimum of two weeks before or after a maintenance injectable appointment, provided you have not made major adjustments to the amount of filler or botox used.
• Fillers or botox minimum of four weeks after a tattoo appointment.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact Connie on 0409193599.


Does eyebrow feathering and tattooing hurt?

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You are interested in having your brows or lips tattooed but are wondering - WILL IT HURT?

First thing's first - I don't like pain, full stop! I could never expect my clients to undergo a procedure in pain. So I take necessary precautions to prevent this.

Second. Contrary to common belief - tattooing does not go very deep into the layers of the skin. We basically tattoo the upper dermal layer of the skin. So not deep at all. I get it - the tattooing happens to be on the face so that in itself presents a whole number of fears.

I use 2 types of topical anaesthetic. One is a cream based pre-numb which I use prior (and will give you more details on this upon booking) The other is a gel based anaesthetic that I use throughout the procedure. Both work extremely well. I have had clients tell me that it feels like a gentle scratching to the skin initially. As the procedure continues the y dont feel a thing. I have had clients fall asleep during their procedures, I mean nobody would snore on purpose, right?. While doing lip procedures etc. And afterward tell me that the pain level is about a 0-2. Ill be honest.

So if the idea of pain is stopping you - then please don't let it. Permanent makeup is a game changer and well worth it. Whether it be having your brows, liner or lips done - don't hesitate.

So what are you waiting for??

Sanitation during pmu procedures

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At Ink Cosmetica (Eyebrow Feathering Melbourne) we practice strict infection control to protect everyone against blood-borne pathogens. Air-borne pathogens are usually a problem easing into the cooler months but especially during the current highly infectious climate.

Strict sanitation before and after every client is mandatory using hospital strength cleaning products.
• All our consumables used during each procedure are disposable single use items and are disposed of as hazardous waste.
• All tools and equipment used in eyebrow feathering, lip blush tattoo and eyeliner tattoo are sanitized accordingly before and after use.
• All our equipment is wrapped in barrier tape and that is disposed of immediately after each procedure.
• Everything is then sanitized with hospital grade chemicals.

So you can feel 100% comfortable that we will look after you during your cosmetic tattoo procedure.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact Connie on 0409193599.