Does eyebrow feathering and tattooing hurt?

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You are interested in having your brows or lips tattooed but are wondering - WILL IT HURT?

First thing's first - I don't like pain, full stop! I could never expect my clients to undergo a procedure in pain. So I take necessary precautions to prevent this.

Second. Contrary to common belief - tattooing does not go very deep into the layers of the skin. We basically tattoo the upper dermal layer of the skin. So not deep at all. I get it - the tattooing happens to be on the face so that in itself presents a whole number of fears.

I use 2 types of topical anaesthetic. One is a cream based pre-numb which I use prior (and will give you more details on this upon booking) The other is a gel based anaesthetic that I use throughout the procedure. Both work extremely well. I have had clients tell me that it feels like a gentle scratching to the skin initially. As the procedure continues the y dont feel a thing. I have had clients fall asleep during their procedures, I mean nobody would snore on purpose, right?. While doing lip procedures etc. And afterward tell me that the pain level is about a 0-2. Ill be honest.

So if the idea of pain is stopping you - then please don't let it. Permanent makeup is a game changer and well worth it. Whether it be having your brows, liner or lips done - don't hesitate.

So what are you waiting for??

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