Microblading vs Micropigmentation


So you'd like your brows feathered! You love the idea of not having to pencil them in anymore! You also want a natural looking feather brow, like real hairstrokes - not a solid, filled in brow. Please read on...

You’ve heard about Microblading and it sounds like a great semi-permanent solution. Well, it is if you have the correct skin type! There is another technique which gives the result of Microblading but is suitable for everyone - Introducing Nano Brows...

Here are the main differences:
Microblading is performed with a hand tool made up of tiny blades that the technician uses to implant the hair stroke lines into the skin while implanting pigment at the same time. This is what creates the natural hair stroke look. Unfortunately this technique causes some trauma to the skin the blade slices the skin. If not done correctly, it can lead to scarring.

Nano Brows is essentially 'micropigmentation' and is done with a PMU Machine (a machine similar to a tattoo machine but more gentle with less vibration). The cartridge gently taps the pigment into the skin repeatedly with a very fine nano needle. This causes much less trauma to the skin yet implanting more pigment and offering longer lasting results

If you have oily or mature skin then Microblading is not recommended for you. Microbladed strokes can blur out over time leaving a shading result instead of an actual hair stroke. So unless you are a candidate for Microblading (few people actually are)then you will most likely not achieve great long term results. Nano Brows are suitable for all types of skin.

Microblading can last up to 6 months - hopefully longer if you have the correct skin type. Nano brows last way longer. It is all in how the pigment is implanted into the skin.

So in a nutshell:
• Nano Strokes give you a beautiful natural looking feathered effect just like Microblading.
• Nano Strokes have better retention therefore last much longer
• Nano Strokes creates crisper hairstroke results
• Nano Strokes cause less trauma to the skin
• Nano Strokes are suitable to everyone (unless you have medium to dark pre-exising pmu tattoo).

Constantly researching and taking advanced training to always bring you the latest techniques and the best. I hold my clients skin integrity and long term results always at the forefront of my work. With this in mind, I have made the decision to to give the Microblading technique away and provide all feather brow procedures as Nano Brows.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact Connie on 0409193599.


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