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Can you have injectables and a tattoo on the same day?

You would like to have your brows tattooed and also want botox. Or, you would like your lips tattooed and also want them filled. Let's do it all at once - can we?

The simple answer is a hard - NO!

Here are the reasons why:
SHAPE Both procedures (tattooing and injectables) will create varying degrees of swelling and this most likely affect the final result. The technician of either procedure will risk making an incorrect assessment of shape.This is basically counteractive to the reasons why this is required in the first place.

SYMMETRY The tattooist is required to make assessments of shape and symmetry so it is preferable to have the tattoo first, and then the injectables. Botox can be used to relax an overactive muscle and create a more symmetrical look which is sometimes unattainable with tattooing alone. The degree of fillers required can be more easily be determined after a tattoo. In essence, we are required to give each procedure enough time to heal and settle correctly. We must let the tattoo, fillers and botox do their thing. There are important healing timeframes to consider and it is very important to follow them for best results.

So here are the timeframes to remember:
• A minimum of four weeks either side of each injectable appointment if it is your first session in the area you are planning to have tattooed. Meaning, if it's your first session with an updated shape, you will need to give the botox or fillers at least 4 weeks to settle into the space before a tattoo.
• A minimum of two weeks before or after a maintenance injectable appointment, provided you have not made major adjustments to the amount of filler or botox used.
• Fillers or botox minimum of four weeks after a tattoo appointment.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact Connie on 0409193599.


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